Where we work?

Despite its spectacular landscapes, fascinating cultural heritage, abundant natural beauty and rich biodiversity, Nepal still remains among the poorest countries in the world. A large percentage of the population is living below the poverty line, especially in mountainous and remote areas. Although the gross local happiness is high, living conditions for locals are harsh and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods are limited.

HSFF works for the mountain communities who live beneath the world’s highest peaks. The Nepal Himalayas are home to over 18 million people and regarded as some of the most remote communities on earth. Landscapes surrounding these communities are incredible including lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and towering mountains jutting out from deep gorges.

HSFF’s programs and projects are centered along the Nepal Himalayas. There are numerous pilot projects in the Annapurna Conservation Area in Western Nepal, such as initiatives centering on self-help activities and community participation. The development of HSFF’s eco villages will follow the philosophy of the ‘Satoyama’ initiative that fosters sustainable living. HSFF will work to replicate and adapt this model to remote villages across the Nepal Himalayas and beyond.

Himalayan Sustainable Future Foundation (HSFF)